FS-Feature-List-LongWe’re not just another warehouse. We have been providing low-cost space, a well-trained staff and access to Conveyorware business distribution software that yields ZERO ERRORS for over 30 years.

Clients rely on our Just-in-Time (JIT) distribution and the measurable cost savings achieved by utilizing our storage and distribution services.

Our extensive technology enables us to provide a service that is timely, accurate and most importantly, cost-effective. Our Conveyorware software technology places Ferber Storage in the unique position to offer your company a total distribution system, at measurable cost savings, allowing you the flexibility to stay on top of your business. See Conveyorware.com for more information.

We can reduce your storage and shipping overhead by providing low-cost space, a computer-driven inventory control system and distribution solutions customized for your needs.

We minimize your space and storage to reduce your cost, by stacking your product as high as possible, using Conveyorware’s barcode technology to locate each pallet. You will pay only for the storage you’re using or services you requested. Take advantage of flex space. When your inventory levels are up, so is your storage cost. But, when your inventory levels are low, your costs decrease as well. Services are only billed when inventory arrives or orders are shipped. No utilities, taxes, or other overhead costs to pay either.

Ferber Warehousing has a multi-layered data security system that meets strict audit requirements for all its services. We utilize encrypted communication security as well as internal client security. We protect data internally as well as bi-directional electronic communication.

Ferber Warehousing provides also provides the following fulfillment services:

  • Promotion services: premiums, rebates, refunds, samples and sweepstakes programs
  • Product services: catalog, e-commerce and gift certificate offerings
  • Trade services: inventory management for P.O.S. (Point of Sale) service and other business-to-business transactions


Our clients rely on us to receive, store and ship large volumes of goods in a timely manner and with ZERO ERRORS.