No monthly maintenance fees
Barcode labeling for inventory tracking
Real-time online inventory inquiry, order and history data
IT programming for e-commerce – complimentary FTP setup services


40-foot container Up to 1,000 cartons – manually unload floor-loaded container
20-foot container Up to 750 cartons – manually unload floor-loaded container
Inventory each carton Sort by part number, verify against packing slip and scan inventory
Pallet inbound Standard pallets — 40×48 grocer, 42×48 automotive
Over-sized pallet inbound Pallet larger than standard sizes noted above
Box inbound Receive from UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, etc.


Per month Billed monthly based on square footage used throughout the month


Order processing/parcel Billed per address
Pick & Pack Per item


Order processing Includes shipping label, packing slip or bill of lading
Labeling Custom labeling available upon request
Truck routing Arrange for common carrier shipments
Pallet outbound Standard pallets – 40×48 grocer, 42×48 automotive
Oversized pallet inbound Pallet larger than standard sizes noted above
Rush order Outbound orders with less than three hours’ notice


Shrink-wrapping Materials included
Banding Materials included
Standard pallets Pallets provided as needed
Labor General labor charge if needed
Hi-Lo and man Hi-Lo services when requested
Trash removal Labor time and dumpster charge
EDI Electronic Data Interchange, set up trading partner
(After-hours services) Overtime rates apply