Less than an hour away from the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest international crossing in North America
  Within easy reach of multiple high-traffic airports
  Center of the Automotive Industry. (ANX Member. CMMS Partner)


  Proprietary software and on-site developers to quickly customize the system to meet your requirements.
  24/7 secured internet access to Conveyorware.com inventory, order and history files.
 • On demand reports include:
  Sort gross sales by: Item, Salesman, or State
  Sort profit by: Customer, Territory, or Stock Number
  Inventory re-order points
  History of a product and who purchased it over specific dates
  History of all items sold to a specific customer
We support EDI, FTP and all major file protocols.
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Our internally hosted UPS system expedites processing time.
Orders in by 2pm are out by 5pm (conditions may apply.)
Next day and second day orders always prioritized.
Unique Conveyorware bar-coded packing slips make the pick and pack efficient and error-free.


Real time visibility of all your inventory, orders, receipts, and shipments.
Real time Physical or Cycle count with variance reports.
Sales and inventory reports e-mailed based on your schedule.
Automatic item re-order notification by email or FTP, or have the data mapped to your purchase order system.
By scanning the bar code on the packing slip, Conveyorware software verifies:
Stock items
Lot and serial numbers
 Lot and serial expiration notification
Instant e-mail notification of shipment tracking information, if requested, to you and your customers.


Customized client advertising sent with product shipment.
Analytic sales reports to aid in marketing decisions.
Bulk mail processing.